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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  August 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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so panicked and i'm so scared myself. somebody going to come and shoot me. >> a woman caught intermidst of the chaos at crabtree shares her experience one week later. good evening i'm maggie newland. ourton i first breaking news. a fayetteville woman in police custody a trying to kill her 2- year-old nephew. police say 24-year-old regina durr was caring for the toddler and allegedly trying to donald trump and spots the child. he was taken to the hospital to be checked out. we're told he is doing fine now. it was just last saturday when people feared a gunman was inside crabtree valley mall. that led to panic as shoppers
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new at 11:00 a.j. janavel joins us with the story of one woman badly hurt in the chaos. >> reporter: we speck to her today and she says that in that frenzy she was nearly crushed as people tried to get out and a week later she's asking exactly why this happened to her this is the southbound that has been associated with the incident last week at the crabtree valley mall. it sent thousand of mallgoers thought was the scene of a shooting intersection auto couldn't think anything because it's so panic and i'm so scared myself somebody going to come and shoot me. >> reporter: raleigh police said they found no evidence there was shiiteing at the mall but still 12 people were injured dupe to the chaos and panic. >> people are running like crazy, they ncaa me down my husband is knocked down on me. my husband get up right away
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walk on my legs. >> reporter: she was stuck there until two nurses grabbed her into a store but not before her leg was broken. for the last week she has not been able to move from this bed without help. you can see the bandages on her leg where her femur was broken she says she wants to know if there wasn't a shooting then what is the reason she and others were last week? she tells us that come upping she has an appointment when see might be able to walk, again. as far as the investigation, police say that they have found no evidence to link a shooting to what happened here last week but they also do say that they haven't found enough evidence to rule a shooting out. reporting live here in raleigh a.j. janavel, cbs north carolina. new tonight a bomb went off
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extremist. the wedding took place in a city near the border with syria. turkey has been rocked by waves of attacks many blamed on islamic state militants. new at 11:00 funeral services are set for the greenville mother and three children who were murdered by the mother's boyfriend. garlette howard and her three daughters funerals will be held at cedar hill baptist church. videotaping everyone to attend. >> the man accused willhood to court monday. authorities say dibon jab toone used some type of claw ham tire kill the family. he was the father of the two yonkers children. a motive at this point is not then. meanwhile the family of a 20-year-old man shot and killed outside a raleigh home said their final good-byes. a home onlier fired is a gun
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everyone wore pink, his favorite color. while friend and family are in shock they're glad to have had 20 years with him. >> i remember how authentic he was. transparent, just genuine friend. >> your life was lost to make a difference not just in north carolina, but all over the world. >> at the end of the funeral friends and family sepped outside and released balloons. tomorrow funeral services teen died last week after drowning in seven lakes. last night members of the pine crest high school football team honored their team pate by writing his name and number on their gear. tonight fayetteville police need your help after a woman says she was raped early this morning. about 2:00 this morning the woman told police she was walking in the fayetteville plantation apartment complex when an unnope man approached her from behind and assaulted
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you can help with this investigation. it's an unusual case that has left many people wanting answers. officials say a state trooper followed daniel harris into a neighborhood near charlotte after the 29-year-old failed to pull over. when the hearing and speech impaired man finally stopped and got out of the car, police say there was a quote encounter. a single shot was fired and harris died at the scene. there are questions whether harris was aware of the sirens or could communicate with the trooper. neighbors in the charlotte suburb where the shooting took place say he was gunned down just doors from his family's home. >>y auto saw him in the neighborhood signing with his family. seemed like a very peaceful family. these are heartbreaking. >> i asked everybody to keep them in prayer because, you know, it's just a rough time for them. >> the trooper involved in shooting identified as germane saunders is on administrative leave that is standard pro siege zer in louisiana more
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assistance. this all comes as crews are still assessing damage to homes. right now it's estimated 60,000 homes have been damaged by flooding. some members of the louisiana state university alumni turned their annual cookoff into a fundraiser. the event was held at sharky's in raleigh. >> i'm from baton rouge myself. so this hits me person enemy u. just shows the generous spirit of everybody here. everybody pitching in to help out is wonde of today's event will go to the red cross. meanwhile the latest issue people in louisiana are dealing with, unearthed caskets. in and around baton rouge 15 cemetaries have been disrupted. the water table is so high people cannot be buried 6 feet under. caskets are often imof involved in vaults above ground. new information tonight on
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the order. according to a facebook message no contamination was found throughout the city's water system. on friday people were notified that e. coli or fecal bacteria levels in the water were too high. and good evening i'm meteorologist bill reh checking out the highs across the state and for the 12th day in a row the triangle hit 91. it was 90 in greensboro and we will see temperatures tonight that will fall into the 70s. it's now 80 in fayetteville. >> 79 in raleigh. and as we look at the satellite and radar composite, a little bit of activity out to the west. i don't know if it's going to get here but it might give us a stray shower overnight. right now, a couple showers right up here around roxboro and also down to the south in clinton. the roxboro one had a little bit of thunder with it and that
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toward mecklenburg county virginia and a couple showers down by clinton and garland and stretching into ivan hoe. the action is to the south. southeast of elizabeth town. so nothing more than a stray shower overnight. otherwise temperatures anyof generally holding in the 70s. wakeup forecast for sunday. muggy, used to that. mostly cloudy, but it should be rain free, 79 degrees at the morning. now, we're going to get hot again tomorrow but there's a huge change coming our way with a cold front all coming up and we'll talk about that in a few minutes. frozen strawberries from egypt may be to blame for a hepatitis a outbreak in virginia. right now the state's health department is dealing with 10 cases. testing indicated the strawberries may be causing the illness but other food providers are being tested.
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to tropical smoothy cafes. >> when they fund the particular strain that individuals were infected with, in this outbreak, they determined that it was a strain that was uncommon in the u.s. >> tropical smoothy has stopped using the egyptian provider at all stores nationwide and also pulled the strawberries from other providers in mexico and california. turning to campaign 2016 now, republican presidential nominee donald trump said of the african-american voter. he was speaking at a rally in virginia. >> i fully recognize the outreach to the african- american community is in an area where the republican party must do better. and it will do better. >> recent polls showed trump lagged significantly behind hillary clinton among minority
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board. as for clinton she spent the day at a series of fund raisers. another round of lane shifts take place at the i-40 project known as fortify. here's a look a the area. drivers will be moved to the new inside lanes from the i-40, i-440 split to rock quarry road. this will affect anyone driving westbound. crews are working to have three new inside lanes in both directions over the 8.5 mile still no word on what caused an accident that i tied up i-40 near harrison. all four lanes were shut down at one point. highway patrol did tell us the injuries were minor. the neighborhood is considered historic except for one house. and its design led to a legal battle. coming up how that may be coming to an end. >> up in flames what an officer
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take like at this video. a baltimore city police cruiser caught fire. the officer who wiz driving the car was looking for a suspicious person at a neighboring television station when he heard a pop. his car then burst into flames. city firefighters quickly put out the fire. the officer was not hurt. there is growing concern
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zone in miami beach. five people have been infected there bringing the total infections in the miami area to 36. cbs news correspondent reports. >> reporter: the crowd in miami beach was a little smaller than usual for a 90 degree saturday. some might say you can blame it on zeke. >> now that i'm here and a know it's close, i feel afraid and first thing when i go back so weird. >> so dangerous for us because >> reporter: aerial mosquito spraying is not effective due to high rise buildings and ocean gusts. ground spraying was done at private homes. city is warning people standing water could result in a fine. the city's margined in on the fight against zika. >> we have vacuums, blowers which bloat water and disburse it so that it dries in the sun. >> reporter: according to the cdc the first infection on miami beach can be traced back
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>> we found out yesterday. it's incredible we got at 12:00 when the governor gave his press interview. >> reporter: you didn't get a heads up. >> no, zero. >> reporter: a new travel advisory warns pregnant women to avoid this area. dane na of chicago canceled her plans to travel here before the advisory. >> birth defects are so devastating that it's not worth the risk. >> reporter: responding to the miami beach mayor's claim that the governor never called him to give him a found out, today the governor's office told cbs news the governor did try to call the mayor yesterday and again, today but was unable to reach him. back here at home a three year legal battle over a modern style home built in an historic raleigh neighborhood looks like it's coming to an end. >> the north carolina supreme court decided against reviewing
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favored the builders of the house. neighbors complained that the style took away from the character of the rest of neighborhood. the a southern pines organizer held the first ever law enforcement appreciation event. allan kelly shared these photo. y was organized by two people to show the police they are appreciated. city plaza in raleigh took an international flavor today. party and preview to the international festival. they got to check out great music, dancing gifts and, of course, food and drink. sean maroney emceed the event it will be held at raleigh convention center october 14 through 16. can't believe that's coming up again. cooler air will be here, too. but for august, think you're
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neighborhood network. skies are partly to mostly cloudy. the radar not too active. a little shower over greensboro. there's a shower northeast of roxboro. 73 in roxboro. 79 recall e. 80 in fayetteville. 75 rocky mount and wilson. >> you can see that little showers up here had a little thunder north around the lake. that's died out but those showers move into mecklenburg countyory the next half hour. so clarksville and points to the east shower. trying to stick its nose into oxford. we got a little line of showers, no reports of lightning down 421 moving east out of sampson county. there's some lightning in a strong storm down in pender county. that's moving away from us. so as we take a broader view that little area moving southeast and the one shower, then i got my eye on this stuff out to the west. moving toward the northeast. will it hold together?
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i don't see much of anything except maybe a stray shower. >> you can see the stuff to the west break up as it crosses over the mountains. let's just say a stray shower overnight. by the time you wake up things women be dry. still be humid and tomorrow still a hot day. start out with clouds but here's what crew need to know about your subbed weather. temperatures still above normal. hot and humid that high temperature map still has 90s over us. but look at the 80s look at 70s. do you know what green is on this map, 60s in some of the higher mountains. but it's a real cold front where the temperatures are. coming through us on sunday evening. we'll see a couple storm chances a little better than today. i think will develop because of the front. >> best chances give or take a few hours around 6:00. rays of sunshine to heat it up tomorrow. >> four. >> yeah, we'll get some of that sun building in toward the an. that will bubble of the atmosphere. clouds if you're heading out to sunday services in the morning but no rain. 82 at 10:00 a.m.
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the 13th and final day in a row. and you will see the peak of the scattered showers and storms in the early evening, late afternoon hours. so 93 fayetteville, 91 pinehurst tomorrow. west wind 8-12. drier direction but with that front that's when we'll see the couple storms late in the day. 92 wilson. 92 raleigh. cary, siler city 91. quick check of the tropics fiona strengthened. still harmless. more interd coming off the coast of africa. we'll keep our eye on that. suffice to say fiona will become a post tropical low next week and maybe bermuda might get some rain. we have a trough coming to with the stray shower. little bit of dry weather tomorrow morning. then that line of showers and storms right around dinner time. then once that clears, boy, oh boy, this high's going to build in and it's going to be nice
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but the key, the dewpoints, boom, down into the comfortable range not only monday but tuesday and wednesday, too. we'll see a beautiful day on tuesday, 85. 85 on wednesday. can who believe this is august? lots of sun on thursday. back to 90, 91 but not too extreme. next weekend remain mostly sunny. so a nice little break from the dog days of august after tomorrow. >> all right, bill, we will take that. >> i know a lot of well the panthers had to deal with weather today. >> didn't slow them down. played a pretty good game.
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the carolina panthers first team offense was long gone bite time the lightning hit. but early on cam newton provided their own by the of
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cam newton was finding ted ginn. hauls in the pass and would take it 61 yards for the score. no one's going to catch him the panthers have a 7-0 lead. the carolina defense had its moat. check out this stop. a tackle for a loss. then more defense. wickering puts an end to a titan's drivers. taking off territory. tennessee get it right later. former heisman trophy winner, 23 yards to the score, 13-7 at the break. the second half the backups making some noise. anderson start for so many teams, touchdown carolina. send the teams in the fans for shelter with lightning. gate was delayed for 30 minutes when play resumed the panthers go on for the win 26-16 over
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week two the preseason. seven games including all new york matchup in buffalo. bills playing host to the giants. after a slow start rex ryan and the bills would get things rolling along. only 21 points scored. all 21 points scored in the scant quarter. taylor gets things start. 13yard to mckoy. it's7-0. buffalo at that point. that's all the bills would need because their defense was harassing the giants all he full bulls, the bills recover. manuel, looks good on this play. lobby for former north carolina. 21-0. buffalo over the giants. ravens at colts baltimore grabbing the early lead. aiken he will slip into the end zone, 7-3 vitters. in the defense stiffens up a
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chance to dance is that a belly dance? nice going there: winning points in this one comes on the botched extra point. indy going for two. levine takes it for two points the difference in the game. 19-18. ravens with the win. it's big night for new england leg apex friendship high school the first team football team 1 ever varsity game. they may feel they weren't was. head coach adam sanders and friendship playing a home game at northeast carolina prep. already 33-6 when i get there. patriots keeping the pressure on. roundtree, the beautiful driving catch. the friendship deafens plays well. the huskies could not find any running room. patriots tackling well tonight. elkins con40s of verst a fourth down play finding kelly for the slam pattern.
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on for the win 46-12. their first varsity victory. congratulations to the guys. just one more day remains at the olympics in rio. the u. isn't men's basketball team highlight the final day to wrap up gold with the win over serbia. and the americans have com nated through the years. american swimmer won a bronze medal in the 10 meter competition. his second medal of the games and his fourth career medal. the olympics coming to an end tomorrow. finally at the wyndham championship in greensboro. number58 back at it, again. this 62 foot putt for eagle on the 15th hole. phi shots back. kim is firmly in control at the wyndham. he's drops at four shots backch the field at 18 under par.
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wyndham, as well.
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